Written By admin on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 | 5:11 PM

BELLPERREBELLPERRE has launched a luxury mobile phone is very slim and have high technology, cellphone now has become an expression of personal style which is why mobile phones into something cool was the most sought after fashion accessories, this phone also features a unique customization programs, to bridge the gap between technology and fashion. Visibly inspired by Italian design, the BELLPERRE luxury phone features distinctive elegant lines, timeless European design and the finest authentic materials. Crafted from single metal piece, the phone features a perfect grip carved all around the sleek metal frame along with the steel buttons, scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass window. Offering customization options to suit every taste and lifestyle, the BELLPERRE luxury phone is available in solid metal frame along with steel buttons in pure authentic finishings like brushed steel, polished silver, 18K rosé gold and 24K yellow gold finish. Apart from tits exceptional luxury, the phone is also equipped with up-to-date specifications like 5MP flash camera, GPS, quad-band, supports 80 languages and also offers Russian, Arabic and Chinese keypad versions along with Stereo Bluetooth, FM radio, Video recorder/player and noise cancellation.

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