HTC Legend Review

Written By admin on Sunday, July 18, 2010 | 2:03 AM

HTC has been on the forefront of Android technology ever since the operating system took off, but the HTC Hero was the first to show how profoundly the platform could be personalized. The handset was the first to feature the manufacturer’s proprietary HTC Sense interface that was to appear on Windows phones later on (when the company renamed TouchFLO to Sense). We do like the interface that, along with the innovative design of the HTC Hero, managed to excite us enough to rate the Hero 9/10, despite the slightly irksome issue with the lagging software the handset was plagued by at that time. The device has gained great popularity in the US and the credit goes to the two CDMA versions that hit the shelves on Sprint (HTC Hero) and Verizon (branded as the HTC DROID ERIS).

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