HTC Touch Pro mobile Review

Written By admin on Saturday, July 24, 2010 | 5:16 PM

This name clearly indicates that we're dealing with a sophisticated device, the Touch Pro in've created to work, with the functionality and technology touch diamond, but added a few specifications, sports a hardware QWERTY and bigger of course. It is the successor of the Tilt and the target audience depends on a QWERTY. He very box shows the desire of the leading Windows Mobile manufacturer to raise the bar even higher. It reminds us of a diamond, it’s made of quality materials and houses classy accessories.
The package includes:

    * HTC Touch Diamond
    * Leather case
    * Headphones/handsfree
    * miniUSB cable
    * Charger (only used with the cable)
    * Spare stylus
    * Screen protector
The charger, handsfree and cable have a glossy surface and fit the new image of the HTC phones. When you plug in the charger, a small HTC logo will light up, reminding you of the manufacturer.We are not happy however, that the leather case made to protect the phone cannot be attached to a belt. Since we consider this a large device, we think that the most appropriate way to carry it would have been exactly this. Apparently, HTC had something else in mind.

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