HTC X7510 Reviews

Written By admin on Friday, July 23, 2010 | 5:46 PM

we think this is a phone that's weird because it's unique designs, regardless of the phone is equipped with GSM/3G modules and become the product of the leaders in this class, the HTC Advantage X7510 more of an assistant to "mobile". We say mobile, and not the pocket, because as device dimensions, you will at least need a small bag to carry it. This is the second generation from the series, but the overall idea and realizations are almost the same as in the first in the line, X7500. You have a 5-inch touch sensitive display, an additional hardware QWERTY keyboard (there is a physical connection), Windows Mobile Professional OS and 16GB of storage space.

To make a call you can either the loudspeaker, the wire stereo handsfree included in the package or a Bluetooth accessory. The standard phone speaker and a microphone, which allow private conversations, are not present here, hinting that X7510’s purpose is not to be a main phone, but an additional mobile internet device.

The package includes:
HTC X7510 Advantage Review    HTC X7510 Advantage Review

    * Advantage X7510
    * Keyboard
    * Leather poach
    * Regular wire handsfree
    * Adapter with a TV/monitor output and a regular USB slot
    * miniUSB cable
    * Charger
    * Spare stylus
    * all-fitting case

The case is convenient for long trips, but it has not been designed to hold the Advantage when used daily. If you carry the main part with the keyboard, you should attach them to the leather case and put it in your bag. One side of the case, which opens like a book, houses the main module and the other the keyboard. This helps for easily attaching (via magnet) both parts together once the case is open.

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