Nokia Kinetic Reviews

Written By admin on Monday, July 19, 2010 | 5:14 PM

Nokia Kinetica British designer, Jeremy Hopkins has come up with a unique mobile phone concept that transforms digital information into kinetic motion. Apart from the fact that Nokia is "prioritize the performance of antennas on the physical design if they were ever in conflict,". Now whatever that means, the phone magically only intends to make a call you receive, text messages or emails, playing games. Featured on the basis of electromagnetic telephone, Kinetic Nokia shifts the weight that causes the phone to stand in an upright position, which allows the user to just glance at the screen before the accept / reject calls via the simple press was also tapped to return back to the atmosphere of standby. Aimed at business people, Kinetics Nokia responded to a notice by the movement. This clearly is not scheduled for release in the near future, there is also no technical specification is available about this device, but it does not look very attractive.

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