Samsung S5600 Reviews

Written By admin on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 | 12:32 AM

Samsung S5600
Samsung´s lead designer’s wife must have said to him all in one breath … and here we go, we are swimming in these. Coming in all shapes, forms and sizes imaginable, with or without hardware keyboards, smart or not that sharp… what they all have in common is a price tag that not anyone can afford. The harbinger of things to come, the very first “budget” touchscreen phone to have ever hit the shelves was the sweetly named Cookie by LG. Following suit, the other Korean phone manufacturer was soon to jump on the bandwagon and sink teeth in what was to become quite a lucrative market niche, coming out with not just one but two phones at a fell swoop - the S5600 and the S5230.


If you think the S5600 is about to change your views regarding outlook or visual aspects of a phone with a huge touch-screen, well, you are bound to be sorely disappointed. Something tells us that until a technology allowing you to bend and fold the touch-screen has sprung into being to crank up the mainstream market, all touch-screen phones but will remain cast in the same mold. The big 2.8 inch QVGA resolution touch-screen takes up the entire front side of the phone with the send and end keys that lack their specific red/green color located right below. The big button in the middle allows you to go a level back in the interface menus while keeping it pressed for a short time calls up an alphabetical list of shortcuts. What holds the attention is design here, the device is quite small and neat looking alongside of the OMNIA HD (now that´s what we call huge), quite handy and easy to use in one hand. Its back side feels rough and a bit rugged to the touch.

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