Samsung UltraTOUCH Reviews

Written By admin on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 | 12:24 AM

Samsung UltraTOUCH
You certainly remember that one of these was the Samsung UltraTOUCH, which is going to be the new high-end model in the manufacturer’s Ultra series. Being an Ultra series phone means that it will bring together the positive sides of other more narrowly developed devices and put everything in a nice and good-looking body, making it easily acceptable by the common user. The UltraTOUCH will be Samsung’s flagship model in the course of 2009, as it combines several key features. To begin with, it sports a 2.8-inch touch-sensitive display which allows it to take advantage of the latest TouchWiz user interface and a rich number of widgets, automatically turning it into an adequate modern device. On the other hand, it is also equipped with an up-to-date 8-megapixel camera. You would say it is a real cameraphone?! Not exactly. In addition, it has a really slim and attractive body, along with a numeric keypad, designed to turn heads from the ground up. Still, its various features and capabilities would not let us refer to it as just a fashion accessory. So what exactly is the UltraTOUCH? In our view, it is a multifunctional - all-purpose - high-end device, designed to satisfy the pretentious needs of a widest range of users, while still being a phone in the first place.


The Samsung UltraTOUCH succeeds the Soul, but in contrast to it, the navigation touch display is no longer present, freeing some space for the larger 2.8-inch touch-sensitive screen. Right below it there are just a few buttons – the send and end ones and the unique-looking back button, which on our prototype does not feature a “back arrow”. However, it still introduces the unique rhomb-like shape with a metal frame.

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