TouchWiz-ed Samsung Galaxy 3

Written By admin on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | 12:54 AM

Good people always think Samsung is the poor and the loss of this world who can not afford the Galaxy, and in accordance with their obsession with Android. So, they came out with two calls from a number of Galaxy - Galaxy 5, medium and low soil N aa third AMOLED or Milky Way Galaxy, Samsung Hummingbird third here, but the paper has all the conditions for secondary android.Seeing is believing in our case, so let's charge ahead and examine the TouchWiz-ed Samsung Galaxy 3...


There have been some design changes since we made our preview of the prototype unit. Samsung has rightfully concluded that two of the usual four Android buttons are a waste of space, and has disposed of the home and search keys we saw in the prototype. Instead, universal search is now called by long-pressing the context menu button, and clicking the trapezoid center key takes you to the homescreen.

All are regular physical buttons now, we don't see the four capacitive touch keys that were in the early iteration of the Samsung Galaxy 3. If the omission of capacitive touch technology for the navigation keys, and the D-pad being replaced by a single home button (after all, you have a touch screen) brings with them lowering the production cost, we can't say we will miss those much.

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