Cycling, Looking At The Map

Written By admin on Thursday, September 16, 2010 | 4:57 PM

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For you lovers of speda now you can drive comfortably, the article of their cycling activity is supported by a Japanese company that is ngembangin a guide device for the cyclists.

Basically, a guide called ARider is made of ordinary navigation device, so you can use any gadgets that support GPS and have a solution map. Can use as standalone PND Garmin brand or disposable mobile phone with GPS facility. But I think the conditions are a navigation device must support TV out and an accelerometer that can make orientation maps adjust to changing direction of the user. For the initial prototype, which used the iPhone 3G.

Ubiquitous Entertainment, a company that develops ARider trying to implement these solutions are integrated in a bicycle helmet. So a bike helmet will have a iPhone holder who placed horizontally on top and a small display that will display on the iPhone screen projection display.

Display mini-like glass eyes but just next door could be placed or removed automatically. If installed, the location will be in front of the right eye. Because the screen is transparent, then he still would not interfere with vision. Despite the small screen, the display is actually in front of the eye seems to be so moderate. Yes most can not read and is clearly visible.

Then why is it the iPhone placed on a helmet? Well, this is still the way it always let the accelerometer moves follow changes in direction of the bike and make a map to adjust the direction. Indeed, the design is still less convenient and less unsightly, but he does this product will continue to be refined.

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