ASUS will focus on Android and more than Windows 7 Phone

Written By admin on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | 7:34 PM

Although he was not the light of your Smartphone ASUS Windows 7 power long ago, could in fact be one of the few that occur in the market, if the words of one of their marketing managers have to say. Steven Tu, marketing manager at ASUSTeK South Africa, talked about the”mystery” ASUS device shown off not too long ago sporting the Windows Phone 7 flare and said, "As always, Garmin-Asus seeks the best for our consumers either on Android platform or on Windows platform. However, we see the potential of Android platform devices, so we are focusing on Android platform currently."
While this may surprise some people, showing that ASUS does not say, for the big party in New York Microsoft Windows 7 phone back on 11 October. However, we do not know very well that the manufacturer does not produce WP7 devices - which is obvious because South Africa in line to see a device ready for the holidays WP7 "December is.

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