CDMA Apple iPhone ready for launch in 2011

Written By admin on Thursday, October 28, 2010 | 4:13 PM

CDMA iPhone
According to DigiTimes calculating the number of units of CDMA iPhone, will be held the next year is a simple mathematical problem. Take the 15 million units Foxconn / Hon Hai to manufacture and is expected to add 10 million Pegatron, and that the results in 25 million iPhones CDMA global demand expected to take a statement.

Whether these phones are heading to China or to Verizon, there is plenty of long-awaited demand for the product. And DigitTimes says that Pegatron is hiring 10,000 new employees at its plant in Shanghai, China to make sure that the contract manufacturer meets its end of the equation.

Earlier this year, said he had to produce tabbed Pegatron to a CDMA iPhone, but after today's report is the first time that Foxconn and Hon Hai unit were associated with a variant of the Apple Touch CDMA. DigiTimes, its history, said the phone will be available in December.

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