Android 3.0 Honeycomb Review

Written By admin on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 | 5:58 AM

Android 3.0
With 2 iPad out now how Android market is fair and what they get up there sleeve to compete with 3.0 iPad.Android or Honeycomb, as it is now officially known, is coming soon near you.Google new tablet interface brings Android to the various computer tablet. It includes many advanced technology together with the user interface continues where the holographic system.Honeycomb Android phones with enhanced multitasking os leave, notice the rich,
customizable home screen, widgets, and more. But Honeycomb change the user interface with experience, vibrant 3D and interactivity deeper, making them feel familiar but even better than before.There will also be new applications written specifically for that use large Honeycomb powerful graphics, additional media capabilities, and engagement. Two new users a better "bar" is available. The "System" and "Applications" bar. The "system bar" is always present along the bottom. So if you run a bar application system will still be seen to provide and update information systems (ie mail, etc.) The "application bar" is present when running an application. Bar "application" will provide navigation options, general options and will be a key point on the screen to access information.As android app with all systems there is a choice of 5 custom home screen that gives users access to all content from the Honeycomb. All the home screen has a grid that allows placement orientation to the home screen widgets, application shortcuts, and wallpaper by using the visual layout mode that is dedicated to be placed as wanted.As with IPAD and past versions of android is enhanced soft keyboard. Locks have reshaped and repositioned to type better, and a new button has been added, such as the Tab key, to provide a richer text input and more efficient. Users can touch-hold buttons to access special characters menu and switch the text mode voice / text input from the keypad in the selection system Bar.Improved copy, and paste When entering or viewing text, new UI allows users to quickly select a word with the press-hold and then adjust the selection of the required area by dragging a bounding set of arrows for a new position. Users can then choose the action from the Action Bar, such as a copy to, share clipboard, looking for pasta, web, or connectivity options find. New Android 3.0 includes new features that add useablility connectivity and convenience for the user. Built-in support for the camera and MP3 allows users to instantly sync media files with a USB camera that is connected or desktop computer, without needing to mount a USB hardrive. Users also can connect a keyboard full of either USB or Bluetooth.Updated set of standard applications Included in the Honeycomb is a brand new browser. New browser features that allow users to navigate and manage more efficiently. Some of the tab to change the browser window and a new "incognito" mode allows anonymous browsing.Email E-mail application uses a new two-pane interface to create the look and organize your mail more quickly. This application allows the user to choose one or more messages, then select the action from the Action Bar, such as moving them into folders. Users can sync attachment for later viewing and track the email using the main screen Widget.Camera and Galleries Camera application has been redesigned to take advantage of larger screen for quick access to exposure, focus, flash, zoom, camera facing forward, and more. To let users take a scene with a new way, he adds built-in support for video recording time interval. Application Gallery enables users to view albums and other collections in full screen mode, with easy access to thumbnails of other images in the collection.

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