Blackberry 8800 - Making the Difference

Written By admin on Thursday, April 14, 2011 | 4:21 AM

Blackberry is known worldwide mobile market to produce mind blowing and highly efficient business models. Damn clever and endowed with many high-tech features and capabilities that any PDA would be proud of, the BlackBerry 8800 is a handset that's worth a try. It is a blessing for all executives and business users who intend to work from their jobs.

decked out with GPS, this phone includes the TeleNav software and serves as a navigator. same trackball is built into the BlackBerry 8800 which is so typical of all Blackberry gadgets. little wider and heavier, but a little lighter than the Blackberry Pearl, to one observer! large and lucid 2.4-inch screen makes for a great display, a QWERTY keyboard gives you the impression of a mini computer. One problem is that keyboards are pretty tightly packed keyboard gives a tight layout, but grew up slots it for him.

a large screen and QWERTY keyboard makes it extremely user friendly business tool that helps you meet all your requirements with utmost ease. Whether it is opening and closing e-mails, sending messages or opening other applications. Moreover, the GPS service is available on the BlackBerry device for a nominal fee, allowing you to get street directions, local search and 3D maps.

push to talk service is available via the Cingular network gives decent call quality. use could not be easier. The message will be sent to the person to join as soon as the phone number to call. In addition, BlackBerry Internet Service provides customers the option of setting 10 official and personal e-mail IDs.

When it comes to business, nobody can compete with these beauties. BlackBerry can be the difference that you always need in your business!

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