Making Your Life a Bestseller

Written By admin on Thursday, April 14, 2011 | 9:43 PM

I dream of a bestseller, never really believing I could actually sit down and write a book. As a single mother, time was just one of the constraints. I traveled across the United States control of the main design / construction projects for the top universities and Fortune 100 companies. When I was home, my son and I participated in every kind of sport of Alpine skiing together and jumping horses, play golf, tennis, running, swimming in the sea, or shooting hoops.

Subsequently, in the proverbial flash, my child completed college and left for postgraduate studies in Paris where he became a naturalized citizen of France and stayed there. Shortly after that milestone, I was in an accident severe head injury that cost me my career and more than $ 700,000. Need to retrain, I won a grant for the UCLA program, where I studied with a former story analyst for Amblin Entertainment, New Line Cinema and the Sundance Institute. He uses the Disney exec Christopher Vogler story structure that unpinned books and films such as The Matrix, Star Wars and Lion King. That plan, and I just clicked. I finished the program with a 4.0 + GPA, and my handwriting "French Heart" in his hand.

The title "French Heart" reflects that the French word for heart "coeur" is the root of our English word for "courage. " The story of the evil funny roller-coaster ride through the international setting with a former CIA agent and her cohorts to harness the brave heart and a chic way of Saint Joan and Jackie Kennedy to the global film crowd and uncover the secret of transformation.

I went from not believing that it is possible for me to write a book, a very big dreams for his success. But just as expertly edited my novel landed in the mailbox, I was destroyed by the news that my "J-Crew 'type of brother committed suicide. I sobbed for a year as if it were an Olympic sport and was a favorite for a gold medal as the U.S. economy and the publishing industry has also gone into a nose dive.

What finally pulled me out of desperation was my hero, Alex. She begins the novel completely destroyed, and displayed such courage to remake his life, when it meant she could also help others. I could practically hear her and my other characters a call back from the dark armoire where I would hide them when my brother died. I wondered: "What would Alex think, say and do ?"

I got a renewed momentum, giving my novel to my brother and decides to use it to raise donations for a nonprofit in his name. I also chose for initial publication. I can connect my storefront from my web site, and use my site URL in the e-marketing on Facebook, Twitter, women, and French wine related blogs to my demographic in the United States, Britain and France

When I was selling 10K + copies, I can use it for a much larger down payment than a traditional publisher, if I chose to go that route. And with the popularity of Kindle and other e-book readers, including the iPhone app, and Google's entry in the Ebook segment at the end of the year, I opted for both soft cover and e-book format.

Lulu gets the ISBN # and place the book on Amazon, B & N, I can sell directly to independent book dealers throughout the United States, such as airports and suppliers, retailers, Starbucks, spas, and others interested in attractive Supplies mechanize.

I started to contact potential sponsors of French companies and organizations such as Yoplait, Cartier, Air France, Verve Clicquot, Invest and France have signed on a sponsor. I'm also in talks with potential partner non-profits, who will sign says tour and receive a donation from a percentage of sales.

Thus, a head injury to domestic industries. My editor called my novel 'bold premise, "but not life? I said I created the 'cast lively, engaging, believable characters, and major and minor, that come alive on the page. "Again, what we hope in the story of his life. I noticed that "Alex is a particularly charming-funny, modern, political and complex --- conversational zing. Her compassion and concern for people in your life and the world at large will resonate with readers .'

It is true that I helped Alex to transform your life, and she later returned to favor. Something we often need to do. Finally we have an obligation to do everything we can to ensure our own lives are the best seller, even when facing the sad fact that what is lost can not be replaced. Life can be good again. "French Heart" pulled me through.

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