Review Hanspree, Rilis 3 Tablet Android

Written By admin on Monday, April 25, 2011 | 6:16 AM

Hanspree Tablet Android
Hannspree electronics company, shows the road map in 2011 to plan the production of tablets that reveal three new tablets Android including Hanspree SN10T1, SN10T2 and SN10T3. All three models will have 10-inch touchscreen display, where the model SN10T1, SN10T2 will get a resolution of 1024 × 600px and SN10T3 screen has 1280 × 600px. Both Hanspreee SN10T3 and SN10T1 powered by Tegra processor NIVIDA 2 with 16GB of internal storage. First Android 2.2 will run while the second will be loaded with the Android 3.0. SN10T2 that, on the other hand, uses TI processors and 8GB of storage and run Android 2.2.

Hannspree Tablet supports all Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, while the type and SN10T3 SN10T2 adding a built-in camera. Hannspree will release SN10T1, SN10T2 on SN10T3 in Q1 and Q2, and Q3 with the price of Euro 349, Euro 299 and Euro 449.

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