Samsung F490 Preview

Written By admin on Thursday, April 14, 2011 | 10:34 PM

within a relatively short period of time, these are positioned as one of the premier cameraphone manufacturers, especially in Asian and European markets. This was done mainly G600, G800, and a little older but still popular D900 and D900 update.

Following the recently released F700 F490 has recently announced that is intriguing to say the least, especially when compared to the model is clearly based on.

Although many of the same features as the F700, such as a large screen (3.2 ") and HSDPA capabilities, there have been some radical changes, it appears that inadequate target iPhone features more than any other model, the his release.

One of the more subtle, but welcome tweaks the basic size headphones. F490 is sure to be just as thin as, maybe even thinner than the F700, but the space available is somewhat better proportioned. Although F490 [] seems to be a little stronger beam is reduced hope for easier in-hand use.

The departure from the F700, QWERTY keyboard is removed and the F490 is now a full-touchscreen phone. To assist and support this, a few small touch-sensitive keys below the screen are seen in a similar vain to what we saw in the F700. These come in the form of a standard call buttons and a very useful 'Home' button will take you to the main homepage (obviously.) In addition, the F490 is as naked on the cover as F700 is based on.

F490 comes with Bluetooth, 3G HSDPA and upgradeable memory via Micro SD, but the F490 comes with 130MB internal memory, which is an increase compared to the 30MB F700


feature that is sure to win over the observers F700 is an upgraded camera that is now driven from 3MP to 5MP on the F490, although many will be disappointed by the lack of autofocus, surprisingly the first F490 5MP cameraphone to lack this feature, although it something that can help to keep costs realistic.

F490 is certainly an interesting addition to Samsungs [] an already impressive list of mobile phones [http:// www.phones2udirect. / index.html] and tweak the formula previously seen in the F700 sure looks like a big difference in creating a user. Although it seems likely that the Samsung is a standard interface and menu system will be present, the response shown in the F700 looks likely to be transferred to the F490. If this proves to be the case, the F490 is sure to win many fans and remove the keyboard should make for a more compact and user-friendly experience, although a fairer comparison can be made ​​once the estimated release in February comes around.

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