USB Flashdisk JF200, 220 and 620

Written By admin on Thursday, October 27, 2011 | 3:55 AM

USB Flashdisk JF200, 220 and 620

Transcend launches JetFlash 200 USB Memory Stick within the ranks from the expensive that delivers security to the customers. JetFlash 200 can be used firms that require high amounts of data security through file encryption AES 256-bit hardware-based. For that JetFlash 220 has capabilities built-in ginerprint readers and JetFlash 620 offers password-protected software for optimum protection (25 / 5).

JetFlash 200: Enterprise - Class Security

JetFlash 200 uses industry-leading hardware-based file encryption with AES 256-bit formula that fits the standards from the Federal Information (FIPS), supplying protection on the USB key, versatility and management control. This hardware-based file encryption to make certain the file encryption secret is never from the hardware device, thus supplying superior protection against unauthorized access and risks of danger.

JetFlash 220: Fingerprints are Key

JetFlash 220 is really a USB Memory Stick with fingerprint system that's meant for customers who're very demanding high protection from the security of existing data within the USB Memory stick. JetFlash 220 is berfiturkan advanced hardware-based file encryption AES 256-bit just like the JetFlash 200. Rather than using passwords, use JetFlash 220 fingerprint to safeguard data that's therein, if you wish to make use of the file will need fingerprints to gain access to it. Fingerprint sensor made unique to ensure that just one body's permitted to gain access to the file.

JetFlash 620: File Password Protection

Transcend JetFlash 620 includes JetFlash SecureDrive Exclusive Software, permitting customers to safeguard their critical data by creating password-protected private zone. For added convenience, the JetFlash 620 also enables customers to simply change how big their own zone and frequently change their passwords.

Transcend JetFlash USB memory stick provides a free dowload from Transcend software Elite Software to backup file recovery effortlessly, and synchronization. JetFlash 200 has become offered at a cost of $ 19 having a capacity of 4GB, $ 29 for that 8GB model, and $ 52 for that 16GB model. To JetFlash 220 has a beginning cost of $ 28 for 4GB capacity, and also the JetFlash 620 begins in a cost of $ 17 for 4GB capacity.

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