LightPad, Mini Projector Mobile Phone With 11 Inches & Screen Resolution 854 × 480 Pixel

Written By admin on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 | 2:33 AM

If you're tired of the appearance that cute within the phone screen, might have the ability to think about this tool. A tool known as LightPad, works as a projector to show the telephone display right into a screen calculating 11 inches hers.

It looks much like a laptop, especially there's a keyboard anyway. The key works, something that accompany this pico projector will output nothing indexed by the telephone screen to some screen 11 inches hers.

LightPad screen includes a resolution of 854 × 480 pixels. Searching ahead, QP Electronics may be the manufacturer of the LightPad guaranteed to produce an identical product having a greater degree of resolution.

Additionally to exhibiting the display towards the display size of 11 inches, LightPad may also work as an regular projector. So try looking in the telephone is visible around the wall having a display calculating 60 inches having a resolution of 854 × 480. Clearly the standard of picture around the wall isn't going too good.

It is scheduled to look at the start of the 2012 CES show. QP-party electronics continues to be mother concerning the availability and cost of the tool. So watch for further news.

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