Fujitsu Smartphone With Quad Core Processor

Written By admin on Friday, February 17, 2012 | 6:11 PM

Fujitsu Smartphone
Fujitsu Smartphone With  Quad Core Processor 

Currently only few vendors who have been using a dual core processor in the Smartphone product. When other vendors exhibiting new phones with dual core processors, there is one vendor who "stole start" with a homemade product showcase with quad core processors. Prototype on display quad-core processor for smart phones, to be a surprising thing for the most prestigious fairs in the world of electronics, the Consumer Electronics Show in progress, 10 to 13 January in Las Vegas.

Is a Japanese electronics company, Fujitsu, which showcased a prototype Smartphone that uses quad-core processors from Nvidia Tegra 3. On that occasion, Fujitsu showcased Smartphone running the Android operating system 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Fujitsu also showed off the capabilities of this Smartphone running the game Riptide GP and can run smoothly without lag.

Despite using four processors of the brain, Fujitsu Smartphone is claimed to save battery consumption when not run applications that require heavy graphics performance. However, from the Real World Technologies analyst David Kanter predicts that the performance of quad core processors is too powerful and will quickly suck up more battery consumption.

There is even a possibility, processor performance will decrease when operating in battery saving mode. Therefore, the Smartphone with quad-core possessor must have a battery with a super strong durability.

Reportedly, HTC Android smart phones also being set up with quad-core processor, named HTC Edge. The growing rumors, Edge will run Android 4.0 operating system Ice Cream Sandwich, and armed with 1GB RAM, screen high definition (HD) 4.7-inch, and an 8MP camera.

Previously, the Tegra processor 3 has been used in the tablet Eee Prime Transformer Pad from Asus and Lenovo IdeaTad made by K2. Acer will also produce a tablet that uses the Tegra processor 3.

Fujitsu Smartphone With  Quad Core Processor

Nvidia does have an impressive track record in producing processors for mobile devices, namely smart phones and tablets. Tegra 2 dual core processors, with clock speed of 2 x 1.5 GHz, recorded as the Smartphone processor with the fastest performance.

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