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Written By admin on Thursday, June 14, 2012 | 5:59 PM

SeJi ChanHyun Park and Kim are two well-known designers, now they're making a headphone concept that not only can be used to listen to music only, but also can visualize what is being heard. Concept which will be named Amazing headphones These headphones offer 4 different display options, the Bar Graphs, Graph Color Spectrum Sound, Light Wave and Sequenced flares.

Amazing Headphone uses a color LCD screen that is added to the earcase her. The screen will display a visual motion that moves to adjust to the music being listened to.

Not known in detail about the full features of this amazing headphones. But if it can be realized, then the Amazing Headphones will become the first headphones that can visualize what is being heard.

Amazing Headphone

Amazing Headphone Concept

Amazing Headphone

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