AMD Radeon 8000 HD 7970 Ghz Edition

Written By admin on Thursday, July 5, 2012 | 5:28 PM

AMD Radeon 8000 HD 7970 Ghz Edition - AMD is a company that has never stopped issuing new products where they are in heavy competition with NVIDIA. Therefore they are preparing to launch a product with the latest GPU architecture and the most reliable. Series GPU will be named "Sea Islands" which will be the Radeon 8000 series brand.

Rumor has it that this GPU will have 5.1 billion transistors in 28nm manufacturing technology. Keep in mind that most mutaktir GPU product currently has 4.3 billion transistors in which the increase in the number of transistors is 18%. However, this GPU promises 40% performance improvement.

For the internal configuration of the GPU architecture is composed of 2560 stream processors, 160 texture units (TMU), and 32/38 ROP units and 384 bit memory bus. Talk like a frequency rate has not changed.

Later there are three types of GPU with this architecture are: Venus (the highest specifications), Oland and Mars, but you have to patiently wait for the new product may be present early in 2013 and begin production later this year.
AMD Radeon 8000 HD 7970 Ghz Edition

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