Acer Iconia Smart Boasts a Very Large Screen

Written By admin on Thursday, April 14, 2011 | 3:50 AM

Size is always important whether in the natural world or in artificial light. This is what he is forced to run Acer Iconia Smart, who is all set to war in high-end of the smartphone segment. It will be landing the title of a phone that will be the largest display touch screen and it's going to have the title of a mile long. The current king of the smartphone industry when it comes to screen size must be longing HTC HD or Samsung S Galaxy II, but it appears that Acer Iconia Smart will be taking the title that was placed on hold for a long time.

This is because the Acer Iconia Smart measures a whopping 4.8 inches in size and it is so great that some might be confusing this phone for a tablet PC. Such is the enormity of the screen, which will force many, to look at this phone as a king in this segment when it comes to screen size. Acer, however, does not seem to be completely focused on the screen size and they also have many other options screen as well. They will be including a fantastic solution to start with and it will be 1024 x 480 pixels. This high resolution is probably the only thing that will justify this screen size and it will be able to provide a special kind of feeling. 4.2 version of the Acer user interface used on the phone to make the best use of the largest screens.

The camera is also quite brilliantly equipped with eight-megapixel sensor that can take high quality pictures without too much sweat. It is also partly due to the presence of numerous features including face detection, image stabilization and HD video recording, which will be done at 720 p at 30 frames per second. While the rear camera will be an impressive eight-megapixel one, a secondary camera that is used in the phone also no slouch. This will be a two megapixel camera units that will use 3G option in the phone to make video calls whenever and wherever. It will also be capable of making use of Wi-Fi connectivity options as well. While these connectivity options will be allowing Acer Iconia Smart to connect to the Internet, DLNA option in the phone will be allowing the phone to connect to other devices nearby.

Acer Iconia Smart is capable of extreme performance, not only in the department of the screen, but in terms of processing speed as well. use a 1 GHz processor Scorpion is the reason for this, but there Gingerbread Android 2.3 operating system to worry about.

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