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Written By admin on Thursday, April 14, 2011 | 3:53 AM

Motorola fanatics can now begin the joy, the T-Mobile is attached to a completely new model to its smartphone fantastic anthology. From 13 September 2010, news of the Motorola Android smartphone defy the public, described InfoSyncWorld (and many other resources of the phone) as an "angry", this little gizmo certainly lives up to its name wit h his scratches, water, dust and body. It is, indeed, very angry with regard to any device, not just the phone. Keyword selection is a bit paradoxical, however, since the 'hrapav'znači' zupčast'ili 'Rocky, and this smartphone is very slim and sleek. T-Moblie might want to pick up a thesaurus, when they decide to name their next model - what do they mean the phone is impervious to certain types of damage, but they probably will not sell the phone, and so is the explanation of the term containing the word 'perv. '

defy Motorola has several other exciting and fascinating features except invulnerable exterior. These attributes are:

- the scratch-resistant 3.7-inch HVGA touchscreen

- WiFi

- Battery life of 6 hours of talk time or 10 days stand-by

- 5 MP auto-focus flash camera

- a DLNA-enabled

- Adobe Flash Lite

- Dual microphone paired with Motorola CrystalTalk Plus

- Android 2.1

- 512 MB ​​RAM

- microSD memory slot for up to 32 GB of additional storage

- 2 GB of internal memory

- OMAP3610 800MHz processor

- Latest version MOTOBLUR (includes Connected Music Player)

- Android media player and FM radio support

This new design is actually pretty basic with respect to the smartphone and Android phones, but T-Mobile is marketing this device primarily for its ability to withstand water, dust, and scratching. Compare that with the new line of Nokia smartphones - Nokia phones can be immune to scratches, but are not resistant to water or dust. Basically, Motorola is to defy the smartphone you can take camping, rafting or rock climbing, while other smartphones a little more sensitive. So, if you participate in many outdoor activities, but as to the phone handy, you can put your trust and confidence in this model remain functional after the camp came to an end.

Also, as a final note, the price of this thing has not yet been released. But if anything like other recent smartphone releases, expect to pay several hundred dollars. Nokia Symbian E7 has almost the same size of the touch screen and will retail at $ 644, so you should probably start saving up now if you want one.

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