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Internet Marketing
If you built it, they will come. Do not you? Wrong. On May sound good in theory, but in order to drive traffic to your site, there are some tried and true tactics you'll need to implement to get raise their profile ... and your business. If your company is not listed on Google first page of , Bing or Yahoo search results, you probably lose some serious business.

This is where the first page Marketing Services comes in. We specialize in placing the company at on the first page of of localmap listings that are generated when a search is performed. Having your business listed the first page of search engines found the # 1 way to obtain new business for any company, regardless of your industry.

Just look at any Fortune 500 companies. Large companies such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Barnes & Noble all the pop-up when consumers search for product or service.

Why you should not?

local business competition

local business competition...
There are only eight places with local business results on Google. These companies are fortunate enough to see the results of nearly 70% of all Internet searches every month. What does this mean for your business that you can be sure that you will see a substantial boost in traffic when your company and business appears to Google first page of .


With only eight places available, it is obvious that this is prime real estate that you and your competitors vying for. If your job does not appear on the first page, you have less than 5% chance that someone contact you for your business or service. So why not mark your territory?

What is the Local Business Listing?
Local Business Listings is a mini site or web page for your local business - it is also a place where visitors can learn more about your product or company in the area in which we operate. It is much like the directory where people can find information about local businesses, and businesses anywhere in the world.

No matter where the consumer lives, they can search for companies in any city, state or zip. Headquartered in California, but looking for a company in Florida? Local Business Listings are right at your fingertips wherever you are.

as the list of local companies doing?
When someone is looking for a specific job in a particular area, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing return a list of local businesses who are in their database for the appropriate area. This means that when people are looking for businesses like yours in the same geographic location will be focused on your business.

Say goodbye to Newspaper Advertising

Say goodbye to Newspaper Advertising...

Internet marketing is the wave of the present
For the cost of traditional advertising, you can reach from around the world. You're no longer limited to subscribers of the local paper or individuals who receive the local yellow pages. Thanks to online advertising you can reach markets from coast to coast, or even continent to continent. It's about time you finally get a decent return on investment in advertising ... and this is just a way to do it.

Monthly statistics for the internet search

still have doubts? Check out these statistics show :

Roof Contractors was searched 18,100 times in November '09 on Google

Roofing Contractors was searched 135,000 times in November '09 on Google

Roofing Construction was searched 18,100 times in November '09 on Google

Massage Therapy was searched more than 1,000,000-This is a million times in November '09 on Google

Couples Massage was searched 110,000 times in November '09 on Google

winners has been searched 4090000 times - Yep More than four million times in February '2010 at Google

Mover was searched 823,000 times during February'2010 at Google

moving company was searched 450,000 times during February'2010 at Google

As you can see, more and more people go online to find what you're looking for. Regardless of the product or service, they use a search engine through local newspapers, magazines and other traditional media. When you consider how much more affordable online advertising, it is actually a no-brainer. So what are you waiting for?

Internet Marketing & PDA Phones
Did you know that when someone drives by they can run this same search on their iPhone and the BlackBerry? Whether you are looking for a tune-up, ice cream cone or drycleaners, they can perform a simple search from their mobile devices. Talk about reaching out and touching someone. Would not you like your business to be in your search results?

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