SmartSense, Substitute GPS Technology

Written By admin on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 | 5:08 PM

SmartSense, Substitute GPS Technology - Researchers from the Fraunhofer reportedly is developing a technology called SmartSense. The technology is claimed to be able to detect the location is in a building without the help of GPS.

SmartSense Technology

This technology is of course very helpful while he was in a mall or hotel. SmartSense has two sensors that can be incorporated in a mobile phone. The second acceleration sensor is to know when to walk and the movement of magnetic field sensor to track movement through the magnetic sensor bumi.Kedua when combined with the existing map in Google then it will generate an image map in real time as the navigation map.

Shortage of SmartSense is you have to first download a map of a building you want to explore. Of course this will be a little inconvenient to its users. Although it could be tricked by using the WiFi signal.

SmartSense pics

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