Glimpse of BlackBerry Torch 9800

Written By admin on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | 1:11 AM

In this day and age, must continue to innovate in various categories for the nature of the growth of the mobile phone industry to follow. This is certainly fast life, the atmosphere of yesterday is difficult to kill a powerful smartphone with a torch and a legacy to a new entity is expected to increase with the hope of the constant changes in consumer demand. What we see now there is no denying some groot units available at the fingertips of consumers, but something that really needed it interesting enough to get Kant better than others.
RIM for your business empire in the company, attacking at the end of the phone market, but failed to attract consumers every day. We have seen the two victims of the touchscreen, with the latter considered a major improvement over the first, but despite his greatness, Blackberry Storm2 really still can not understand how a strong competitor.

Enter the BlackBerry Torch 9800 which not only holds RIM's legacy on its back, but it's also showcasing a rebooted platform which is optimistic in grabbing the mind share of the everyday consumer – the demographic they've been unable to consistently attract. Sporting a whole new form factor we haven't seen produced ever by RIM, and with competition encroaching on their usual turf from all sides, will the BlackBerry Torch 9800 be able to keep it at bay, while being able to catapult itself as a worthy and viable competitor in this cut throat industry? Let's find out!

The package contains:

    * BlackBerry Torch 9800
    * Hands-free stereo headset
    * Wall charger
    * microUSB cable
    * Polishing cloth
    * BlackBerry User Tools CD
    * Quickstart Guide


In classic RIM fashion, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 doesn't stray too far from the usual medley of solid feeling hardware crafted by them, but it's their very first one to employ a sliding portrait QWERTY form factor – something that's rare in itself across the board. Chrome plates accent a majority of the front and sides which is then combined with a plastic rear cover that employs a patterned soft touch coating.  The bottom of the handset is curved, which essentially provides for a natural grip in your hand. Overall, there is a discernible similarity between this one and the Bold 9700 – which is quite evident in its outline. Construction feels quite solid, which is something we usually expect out of RIM's handsets. the BlackBerry Torch manages to feel relatively normal sized without crossing the point of being regarded as bulky. However, you can easily notice its weight (5.68 oz) when you hold it in your hand, which can cause some alarm in the event you drop it. Despite radiating a durable exterior, they is no arguing the kind of damage it will incur from a nasty impact – especially more when it utilizes a sliding mechanism. By no means is the Torch something revolutionary from a design aspect, but it clearly embodies some of the best design elements in use with previous devices and combines them. Moreover, traditional BlackBerry users will find it fitting, but when you compare it to some of the fantastic looking industrial designed handsets out there, it doesn't come off as something exciting to drool over.

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