White iPhone 4 review

Written By admin on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | 4:24 PM

White iPhone 4 reviewAfter the emergence of the iPhone CDMA released by Verizon  did not rule out the issues concerning White iPhone 4. Rumors emergence of White iPhone 4 back in the news talks after BestBuy (one of the online shop) to update the inventory of goods that will come with additional handset is the white iPhone 4 16GB and 32GB . As you can see in the picture under, white iPhone 4 is expected to be there on the 27th of February. Whatever the reason causing long delays, the launch date is very reasonable. Because we have the issue of launching a handset that is not known at this spring. And as we reported earlier, Europe will get this handset in February, this makes us more confident with this issue.

White iPhone 4

But whether the white iPhone 4 goods will be awaited by many lovers of smartphones like the summer? With the next generation iPhone which is rumored to be released within a few months, many people will probably prefer to wait, and maybe people start thinking to jump ship to other operating systems such as Android, which can take speed dual-core early. What do you think about it, whether you would buy a white iPhone if it appears this spring?

White iPhone 4 review

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